Sound Radix Release Major Update Of 32 Lives To Support VST Plugins

Sound Radix 32 Lives v2

Following the success of their original 32 Lives audio unit plug-ins adaptor for Mac, Sound Radix announce the launch this week of 32 Lives Version 2, with new VST compatibility and “sandboxing” features for superior stability.
Resurrecting your plug-ins
Sound Radix’s 32 Lives solution already has a reputation as the best 32- to 64-bit adaptor available in terms of transparency, compatibility, stability and CPU performance. Enabling seamless crossover to the latest 64-bit units even with legacy plug-ins usually incompatible with modern systems (Abbey Road, TC PowerCore, URS), 32 Lives has built its name on impressive capability in running classic plug-ins as if they were native 64-bits, whilst allowing total recall of pre-sets and previous projects on the original plug-in.
An even smoother crossover
The new 32 Lives V2 takes the popular solution one step further, with a raft of higher-spec features for even tighter-tuned performance.
V2 boasts all-new VST compatibility, enabling users to smoothly upgrade to the latest 64-bit DAWs, whilst maintaining backwards compatibility recalling previous projects on 32-bit VST plugins.
New “sandboxing features” separating each plug-in provide even greater stability, as one plug-in crashing will not bring down other plug-ins or the DAW host.
32 Lives V2 has a new-look design, multiple performance optimizations, an improved plug-ins manager application, new iLok authorization, improved compatibility with macOS 10.12 (Sierra), and superior plug-in wrapping performance.
Free to existing 32 Lives users
Sound Radix are enabling existing users of 32 Lives software to upgrade to the new version free of charge. For new converts to the software, the price will be the same as the original 32 Lives at just $99.
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