Non-Lethal Applications Announce Video Slave 3 – “The best synchronized video player on the market”

Video Slave 3

Non-Lethal Applications, creators of quality video playback software for Mac, announce Video Slave 3, offering rock-solid playback of movies in sync to MIDI Timecode. Video Slave 3 boasts a host of new features and improvements, and allows customers to choose how to license the software, including perpetual licenses and easy-to-understand subscription options.

Video Slave 3 works with all major DAWs including Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Nuendo, Cubase and Studio One - or any other device that can generate timecode as a  source. Video Slave 3 can be used either on a wired MIDI connection or through network MIDI.

Video Slave 3's sync engine provides stunningly fast locking times and tight sync guaranteed: in many cases it's better than using the video engine built into the DAW.

New Features at a Glance;

  • Improved video playback engine
  • Greatly improved overlays
  • New ADR workflows
  • Professional audio interface support
  • Custom movie export
  • Perpetual and subscription license options.

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About Non-Lethal Applications

Founded by Florian (Flo) Loferer, Non-Lethal Applications is a software development company based in Southern Germany.

Flo was looking for an affordable, professional and dependable video playback solution that could work with popular DAWs like Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic and Studio One. He started to ask composers and those working in post-production what there was and soon found out that nothing existed to meet his requirements.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and so with a book on Objective-C in one hand he started to write code for the software he and others were looking for: that software became Video Slave. He laughs now because he says the first versions he showed around studios did the job but in his words 'were pretty ugly'. Thankfully that's no longer the case.

Fast forward to today and Video Slave is now in its third version and is fast becoming the go-to software for composers, producers, engineers and live producers for rock solid synchronized video playback. 

From humble beginnings Non-Lethal Applications have found fans in all sorts of places, with our software being used on top movies, TV, commercials, live theater, opera, pop concerts, and in houses of worship.

Non-Lethal Applications also make iOS applications for use in studios.