We have a proven track record in helping brands punch above their weight.

Sociatech understands the power of listening. We listen to you, we get under your skin, we get to know your brand, your goals and who you want to reach.

Our methods may challenge conventional marketing practices and that may be uncomfortable to some. But when, despite investments in advertising, PR and promotions across a slew of channels, consumers are increasingly distrustful, cynical and unpredictable we believe the best approach is to reject convention.

Our solution will be specific to your organisation and to the needs of your audience or consumer.

What Our Clients Say

"Over the more than two years of our association, Russ has proved his worth many times over. He’s improved many areas of Exponential’s perception in the world—appearance, social media, web presence—and helped to build a notable roster of artists and endorsers. He’s become an important part of my product planning and market timing, and I’m looking forward to what we can do in the years to come." 
Michael Carnes, CEO - Exponential Audio
"We called on Sociatech two years before launching Townsend Labs. In the beginning it just felt right and we enjoyed working with them. In previous endeavours, my colleagues and I have not been able to have a real customer perspective. We've been too focused on making something great and not stopped and asked why or how to communicate what we've made. Sociatech have a unique dual role. They've spent this time on our team while quite accurately representing our desired customer. The results have produced more than a feeling. Now, I can't imagine having done this without them."
Erik Papp - Townsend Labs
"In 30 years in the Pro Audio industry, I’ve found there are good, normal, PR and marketing advisors, and then there’s Russ.
Russ manages to identify and be sympathetic to our customer’s interests and dilemmas, because he actually uses, understands and appreciates these products and their USPs. But even more beneficially, he understands the variety of models of how audio engineers now access information about products of interest to them, and can help them  choose the best products for their needs. These talents, combined with his instinct and experience in crafting and packaging the messages we need to deliver, has substantially helped us boost our company and products profile and presence in a world of diminishing attention spans."
Jeff Bloom, CEO - Synchro Arts
"Russ is top-notch. Always sets realistic expectations and completes goals according to established timelines. He is easy to work with and good at what he does." 
Asa Doyle, CEO - Groove 3 Inc.
"It’s a pleasure to work with people who fully understand our company's values and the essence of our products. One of the most frequent thoughts that comes to my mind in our working relationship: 'Great idea, I never thought of it that way'."
Thomas Koritke, CEO - e-instruments 
"Russ is the wind power-multiplier blowing in our sail. Set the course and Russ will get you there in no time. Since we've started working together we've been breaking our annual sales records and awareness of our products has significantly increased. Russ helped us grow our collaborators' network, create a first-class artists' program and helped ink deals with leading companies in our industry.
Thank you Russ for your support and for helping us get to where we are today. Here's to the next years to come!" 
Nir Averbuch, Founder - Sound Radix

“I am also very thankful for the help of Russ Hughes who runs Sociatech, a specialist marketing and PR company, his expertise in helping get the message out has shown amazing results. If you have any kind of tech product you need to tell people about, then I recommend him to you.”
Wolfgang Palm - PPG

"As owner of a small company, I was looking for an allrounder who could help me increase our user base and to develop a marketing strategy. So I set up a job on a freelance platform with a couple of applicants who offered writing marketing plans and strategy papers for 1000s of dollars. That was clearly not what I wanted. I wanted someone who understands my product, who knows the right people and who will be there along the way so we can adapt our strategy and discuss campaigns as we go. 

Meet Sociatech! Since working with them, we’ve been able to increase our market reach and brand awareness. We were also able to connect with many new people. Sociatech created Facebook campaigns, organized meetings, edited tutorial videos, recorded interviews with customers and provided valuable advise. Besides doing their job just great, the guys at Sociatech are just awesome people and are really a pleasure to work with! I’m looking very much forward to working with them in the future to see what else we can do together!" 
Flo Loferer - Owner - Non-Lethal Applications 

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