Russ Hughes

Russ Hughes - CEO

Russ founded Sociatech after realising that the creative technology sector lacked a specialist marketing agency. Helping both established brands and new start-ups grow from strength to strength, Sociatech’s success springs from a combination of the team’s experience working as practitioners in the creative industry, an enviable list of contacts, and a reputation for coming up with great ideas for communicating in engaging ways that deliver results and cultivate trust. His skills include:

  • Brand and product strategy.
  • New product development.
  • Marketing strategy, planning and implementation.
  • Social media strategy.

Russ was shortlisted for Business Leader of the Year in the LinkedIn Business Awards 2010.


Jed Allen - Sales and Distribution Specialist 

Jed is an experienced and motivated management sales professional with an excellent record in achieving goals for top brands. His skills include:

  • Sales and distribution for large international music and pro audio brands. 
  • Set-up of distribution partner networks across EMEA.
  • Development of European direct-to-dealer solutions for US companies.
  • Sourcing and maintaining EMEA distribution partnerships for companies and brands.
  • Developing and implementing channel market programs to support and enhance the local sales programs.
  • Advice on European legal and cultural sensitivities for brands wishing to work in overseas territories.

Jed has gained great respect within the industry working in key roles for top brands including Roland, Digidesign, Avid and was until recently the International Sales Director for Universal Audio.


Louise Coopman - Creative Copywriter

Louise is a skilled, insightful copywriter with a gift for crafting engaging, targeted and on-brand copy for print and online communications. Louise has almost 10 years’ experience marketing for high-profile London arts institutions and the creative industries. Her skills include:

  • Providing bespoke targeted copywriting capturing brand tone-of-voice and engaging audiences across a variety of media including web, email and press releases. 
  • Expert copy-editing and proof-reading of print and online materials.
  • Wider marketing expertise, from design skills to campaign management.

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Peter Barter – Digital Marketing Specialist

Peter is an experienced and multi-skilled digital marketeer excelling in both the creative and technical aspects of conducting and measuring successful online marketing campaigns. As a former marketing manager for legendary pro audio college Alchemea, Peter brings industry-relevant experience and contemporary techniques to the table to help maximize return on investment for brands and their campaigns. His skills include:

  • SEO analysis, strategy and outreach
  • Digital campaign strategy and advert management (PPC, Social, Display)
  • Website and analytics optimisation
  • Content strategy, planning and creation
  • Creative copywriting